X-Sense DS51 Review

x-sense ds51 review

x-sense ds51 review
X-sense DS51 is a combination of smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in one unit. Dual detectors offer cheaper overall cost than single detector. Besides, dual detectors are environment friendly and reduce the use of electric source.

X-sense DS51 uses electrochemical sensing technology for carbon monoxide detector and photoelectric for smoke detecting technology.

With 4.4 star rating from its users, X-Sense DS51 is highly recommended for every home owner.

X-Sense DS51 Review

The Pros:

  1. Detects smoke and carbon monoxide
  2. 85 dB voice alarm for each detector
  3. Uses high sensitive sensing technologies
  4. Convenient and easy to use
  5. Easy to instal
  6. Easy to use test/silence button
  7. With LED indicating running lamp

The Cons:

  1. Powered by battery only. No back up power
  2. No digital display for the gas level
  3. No end-life and low battery warning

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