Why Do I Need A Carbon Monoxide Detector?

why do i need a carbon monoxide detector
Why do I need a carbon monoxide detector? May be this is the first question you will ask when you read carbon monoxide detector review or recommendation from expert in that field or even from your friend.

That’s the very basic question. You need to know exactly the reasons why you should install carbon monoxide detector in your home, car, office, and other buildings even in a hotel.

Through this article I will show you the reasons why you need to install this equipment. There should be no other excuse for you not to install carbon monoxide detector in order to protect you and your family from carbon monoxide hazards.

Let’s see the answers to your question, “Why do I need a carbon monoxide detector?”

Why Do I Need A Carbon Monoxide Detector – The Top Reasons

Amazon ImageBefore explaining the reasons, I want to remind you a gas that people usually call it by ‘the silent killer’. Do you remember that?

Yes. That gas is carbon monoxide. According to Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC), there are in average 15,000 emergency department visits and 500 deaths every year in the United State of America due to non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning.

And among 2000 to 2009 there were 68,316 numbers of carbon monoxide exposures reported in the US.

Now, let’s see the reasons to your question “why do I need a carbon monoxide detector?”

Reason #1

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas. It will replace oxygen in your blood and cause you die.

Reason #2

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas. You cannot smell it, taste it and see it. Only carbon monoxide detector can do this.

Reason #3

Carbon monoxide is generated in home, office, workplace, car, hotel and any place where incomplete combustion of carbon-containing material occurs. You will be exposed frequently with this toxic gas.

Reason #4

carbon monoxide detector will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will warn you even when you are sleeping. Then, you will have enough time to save your family and yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Reason #5

carbon monoxide detector can be installed anywhere in your home, office, workplace and so on to monitor carbon monoxide concentration from several places at the same time. This ensures full protection against this silent killer gas hazard.


The above reasons should give you enough explanation about the vital role of carbon monoxide detector for your family safety.

And this could be able to answer your question “why do I need a carbon monoxide detector?”