What is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Car?

What is carbon monoxide poisoning in car actually? Before explaining that question, please read carefully this story. Recently, an eight-old month boy was died when the boy, his mother and his daughter inside a car. Click here to read the full story.

According to the investigators, they found a serious damage on car exhaust and car sealing. Fumes or exhaust gas from the car could drift into the car and caused this tragedy to occur.

What is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Car?

As you already knew, that gasoline is burnt in the car engine fueling the car running. At the same time, carbon monoxide is also produced due to incomplete burning.

Normally, carbon monoxide and other exhaust gases are discharged from the car exhaust to the environment.

Carbon monoxide poisoning in car happens when this toxic gas can come into the car inside through broken exhaust and car sealing leakage.

What to Do to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Car

After knowing what carbon monoxide poisoning in car is, then you should do something to avoid this happens to you and your family.

The following practical tips are of importance. Do all of the tips regularly to ensure that you will always free from carbon monoxide poisoning in car.

  1. Inspect regularly car exhaust damage and wear. Make sure that there is no leak from the exhaust channel where carbon monoxide can drift into your car.
  2. Measure carbon monoxide in exhaust gas or combustion fumes. If  you find it is beyond allowable concentration or level, immediately repair your car engine.
  3. Inspect car sealing in regular time. It is recommended to replace it when it reaches its lifespan. You can find car sealing at here. Make sure that there is no leak from the car sealing.
  4.  Install carbon monoxide detector for car. It will warn you whenever it detects carbon monoxide exists in your car. You will have enough time to go out from your car and save your children from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  5. Regularly check the carbon monoxide detector to make sure it is still working well. Replace it when it reaches recommended lifespan.
  6. Never run your car in closed garage, where there is no fresh air moving or with garage door shut.
  7. Never run your car in garage that is attached directly to your house. Carbon monoxide will easily build up in your house.

Educate your all family members about carbon monoxide poisoning in car. Give them enough information about carbon monoxide nature and characteristics, what they have to do and so on.

Finally, you should be able to answer when one of your family members asks you,”What is carbon monoxide poisoning in car?”

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