What Does Carbon Monoxide Taste Like?

what does carbon monoxide taste like
There are several ways to recognize something. We can recognize something by its appearance. We can recognize something by its smell. We can identify something by its taste. Then, how can we recognize carbon monoxide? What does carbon monoxide taste like?

Please do not misunderstanding about this. Some people think that carbon monoxide gives bitter taste in mouth. Really? Can you taste carbon monoxide?

The Correct Information About Carbon Monoxide Taste

In ambient temperature, carbon monoxide is in gas phase. According to wikipedia, boiling point of carbon monoxide is at -191.5 oC or -313 F.

Of course, practically it is very hard to taste a gas like carbon monoxide by your tongue. So, what does carbon monoxide taste like?

Carbon monoxide is tasteless gas. You cannot taste carbon monoxide. You cannot recognize carbon monoxide from its taste.

It is commonly generated with fumes when incomplete combustion or burning occurs. So some people conclude that it is as carbon monoxide. That’s wrong!

When there is only carbon monoxide, you cannot recognize its existence.

Carbon monoxide can only be detected by carbon monoxide detector. If you need more information about carbon monoxide detector, you can find it here.


So we can conclude that we cannot taste carbon monoxide by ourselves. We need carbon monoxide detector to do this.

Finally, I would like you to watch the following video to get more information about this gas and simple steps to save you and your loved family from carbon monoxide danger.

I hope this article can answer your question “What does carbon monoxide taste like?”.


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