What Can Cause A Carbon Monoxide Detector to Go Off?

what can cause a carbon monoxide detector to go off
The number of deaths that have been occasioned by carbon monoxide poisoning have rose at an alarming rate, something that has prompted many establishments both public and private to install carbon monoxide detectors. This is a sure way of detecting the deadly gas early and taking corrective action. But what causes a carbon monoxide detector to go off? Let’s have a look as some of the possible causes.

Common reasons why carbon monoxide detectors go off

Carbon monoxide can be produced from many sources; some of which include fireplaces, gas stoves, vehicles, generators and grills among others. More specifically, a carbon monoxide detector will go off due to:

Poor ventilation

When fresh air is not circulating, the most certain thing that will happen is that carbon monoxide will accumulate in the house. This will in turn cause the detector to go off. To prevent this, engage a heating specialist to have a proper ventilation system installed.

Grilling using charcoal

Sometimes homes are forced to use charcoal to do their grilling. Charcoal grilling produces a huge amount of carbon monoxide and this causes the carbon monoxide detector to go off. As a corrective measure, try as much as possible to avoid the use of charcoal for grilling.

Highly sensitive alarm

Sometimes having a highly sensitive alarm will cause the detector to go off at the slightest sense of carbon monoxide. To avoid such, be sure to purchase alarms that have been proved to conform to the latest regulatory requirements.

A malfunctioning home equipment or appliance

Many appliances are used to burn fuel in our homes and any slight chance of malfunction will result in the release of carbon monoxide which will cause the carbon monoxide detector to go off. As such, preventing maintenance and regular inspections should be instituted to avoid such incidents.

Leaving auto-mobiles and gas powered equipment running

If gas powered equipment or vehicles and other auto-mobiles are left running, then the carbon monoxide detector will surely go off since it will sense the release of the carbon monoxide. This is so since the outdoor pressure is usually higher than indoor pressure in our homes hence the gas will be drawn in the house. Never leave these equipments running.

There are a host of reasons why you carbon monoxide detector will go off, but these are the most common causes. The good news is that all of them are preventable.

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