The MTI Industries 65-541-WT 12-V Carbon Monoxide Alarm- The Best Carbon Monoxide Detector for RV

Amazon ImageA great time with family and friends while camping or in recreational vehicle can be cut short by bouts of Anoxia and other deadly symptoms caused by inhalation of Carbon Monoxide. Are you in need of a unit that will protect you from such an experience? Then the MTI Industries 65-541-WT 12-V Surface Mount Hard Wired Carbon Monoxide Alarm is the way to go.

This Safe-T-Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector that meets the residential and recreational vehicle UL Standard 2034 is one great safety investment for any RV owner. Having such an effectively working CO detector will make it easier for you to monitor the levels of this dangerous gas and also warn you of any impending danger in terms of high CO levels in the air thus giving you enough time to move to a safer area. It comes loaded with quite a number of features that make it ideal for use in recreational vehicles.

1. Dimensions- 10.1 by 8.1 by 2.4 Inches
2. Weight- 10.4 Ounces
3. 85 Decibel alarm
4. Reset switch that is to be pressed whenever there is an emergency alarm
5. Runs on 12V DC

Notable features.
1. Special recognition circuit requiring the occupant to respond by pressing the reset switch on hearing the alarm.
2. 85 Decibel alarm at 10 feet, easily audible during an emergency and after 4 hours of constant exposure to 60 parts per million of CO gas, it will be activated.
3. CO detector memory that retains the level of Carbon Monoxide detected at the time when the alarm sounded.
4. Double check confirmation circuit which sounds an alarm if CO is present 6 minutes after its first indication of CO.


carbon monoxide alarm for RV
1. This greatly effective carbon monoxide detector for RV features the Multi-current technology that ensures user’s safety by requiring them to press the reset switch once they hear the alarm. This kind of technology also ensures accuracy in detection of CO.
2. It comes with a 2-level alarm which represents caution and hazard. The first alarm indicates that CO is at dangerous levels and immediate safety precautions should be taken. If there is a constant level of CO 6 minutes from the time the first alarm sounded, a second alarm sounds indicating that the levels of CO are hazardous thus calling for quicker action.
3. It also features a loud 85 Decibel alarm that’s very audible from far thus ensuring everyone around the area is aware of the impending hazard.
4. The MTI Industries 65-541-WT 12-V Surface Mount Hard Wired Carbon Monoxide Alarm has a memory that records and retains the level of CO gas at the time when the alarm sounded. This record is very important to service personnel and the emergency unit as it helps eliminate guesswork.
5. It comes with a test reset switch which the user is required to press when its emergency alarm sounds. This button also pretests the functioning of the alarm.
6. This alarm runs on 12 V direct current and its power consumption is 60milliamps, thus power saving.
7. It is easy to install. For most users, installation requires much less than 10 minutes. It is also easy to use as it comes with a user manual that guides you step by step.

1.False alarms. For some buyers, the alarm sounds randomly and sometimes without any reason.

This Safe-T-Alert alarm manufactured by Marine technologies prides itself of 41 Amazon reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars by all standards, above average. It comes with features that keep your health and safety in check. This alarm’s pros totally outnumbering the cons is proof enough that it is actually the best carbon monoxide detector for RVs, residential areas and other areas susceptible to presence of Carbon Monoxide.