What You Need To Know About The Danger of Camping, Caravanning and Boating

By | November 18, 2017

camping, caravanning and boataing
Camping, caravanning and boating are interesting outdoor activities that are loved by most of us. We are joyful at them. But, behind their enjoyment, did you know that these activities could be very dangerous due to poison gas, i.e. carbon monoxide gas? As everyone know that carbon monoxide can cause poisoning. It is like carbon monoxide poisoning in car. It can cause someone to die.

So, why camping, caravanning and boating can be so dangerous? It is because camping, caravanning and boating are enclosed area in which carbon monoxide gas can be built up.

During doing such these activities, people usually use gas cooker, appliances and petrol-powered generator which naturally releasing carbon monoxide. If ventilation is very poor, dangerous atmosphere will be created.

Tips for Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning During Camping, Caravanning and Boating

We can still enjoy our camping, caravanning and boating if you take care about carbon monoxide gas built up. Follow the tips below to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning from happening:

  • Always read the instruction manual of gas cooker, appliances and petrol-powered generator before you use.
  • Never use the above appliances inside tent, boat or car van. Even if you have finished use it. Put is at outside.
  • Never use heating equipment that use petrol or charcoal as the fuel inside tent, boat or car van.
  • If you want to go for sleep, turn off those appliances.
  • If you have finished using those appliances, ensure that fire are already extinguished completely.
  • Only bring good gas cooker, appliances or petrol-powered generator for camping, caravanning or boating.
  • Always bring carbon monoxide detector every time you plan for camping, caravanning and boating. It will warn you when it detects dangerous atmosphere.