Why You Need Second Floor Fire Escape Ladders

By | November 16, 2017

You are racing with time when fire occurs. You will need a shorter time to escape if you are in one level home. But, you will need more time to escape if you are in your second floor of your home.

But, how to escape from the second floor quickly to save your life? Shall I use ordinary home ladders? Of course not. You shall use second floor fire escape ladders.

If you go down through ordinary ladders, then you have small chance to save your life since you need more time and run through the fire and you may be exposed to carbon monoxide too.

So, install second floor fire escape ladders in your home. Put them in appropriate place and teach all your family members how to use the escape ladders in case of fire happens.

Use clear sign where you foot it. Provide a simple procedure on how to use it. Put on the procedure on the wall closed to the escape ladder.

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