Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm Model C3010D Review

kidde carbon monoxide alarm model C3010D
What I like from Kidde carbon monoxide alarm model C3010D is its sealed lithium battery life. Its battery lifetime is 10 years! No battery replacement needed. This amazing battery life and digital display offer reliable protection against carbon monoxide hazards.

Generally, a carbon monoxide detector manufacturer will only warrant maximum for 5 years. But, Kidde CO alarm C3010D is so different.

Not only offers reliable protection to your family but Kidde carbon monoxide alarm model C3010D also provides lower cost for installing carbon monoxide for a home. If you use this detector you can reduce overall cost almost by 50%. That’s beneficial.

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Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm Model C3010D Features

  • 10 year lithium battery life
  • Easy to install. No complicated wiring
  • Auto-activated after attaching to mounting bracket
  • Digital display
  • 85 dB alarm sound
  • Updates reading every 15 seconds
  • Uses electro-chemical sensing technology
  • End-lift warning alarm
  • Easy to push test/reset button
  • Maintenance free and hassle free
  • UL listed
  • Temper resistant
  • Light weight, only 0.5 ounce

This product is currently getting 4.5 star rating on Amazon. More than 123 customers satisfied with its performance. You can get more information about this product here.

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