Kidde C3010D Review

By | November 17, 2017

kidde c3010d review
If you want maintenance free and hassle free carbon monoxide detector, then Kidde C3010D is the right choice for you. Why? Just continue this Kidde C3010D review to find the answer.

Kidde C3010D has the longest sensor life among other carbon monoxide detector. Kidde guarantees that its C3010D product has 10 year sensor life as well as 10 year sealed-battery.

You don’t have to replace battery regularly. You don’t have to worry about its sensor. And you can sleep well all night without having to worry about power black out.

With those advantages, Kidde C3010D offers a very cost effective carbon monoxide detector installation for your home.

Besides that, Kidde C3010D also offers others great advantages that can make you satisfy with your purchase. Let’s see the complete great features of this product.

Kidde C3010D Review: The Main Features

Currently, Kidde C3010D gets 4.5 star rating from more than 100+ satisfied users, according to the official website. This, of course, leaves no doubt about its quality to all of us.

Here are the great features of Kidde C3010D carbon monoxide detector:

  1. Easy to install. No wiring required for installation.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. 10 year battery life (87,600 hours). No battery replacement required at all.
  4. 10 year sensor life.
  5. Easy to read digital display.
  6. Comes with automatic activation when fixed to bracket.
  7. Carbon monoxide gas reading updated every 15 seconds.
  8. 10 year limited warranty
  9. Load 85 dB alarm
  10. Tamper resistant
  11. End life warning signal every 30-45 seconds
  12. UL listed, meets the US standard
  13. Peak level button
  14. Comes with test reset button

Kidde C3010D is really hassle free, money saving detector and you contribute to save the environment since you only need to replace carbon monoxide detector and its battery every 10 years.

Read what satisfied users said about Kidde C3010D.

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