The Meaning of Carbon Monoxide Detector Beeping and What You Have to Do

How To Test Carbon Monoxide Detector

how to test carbon monoxide detectorThis article is written to explain briefly about how to test carbon monoxide detector. The term carbon monoxide detector in this article is for home uses only, not for industrial uses.

Regular testing of carbon monoxide detector is required to ensure that it is still working and be able to detect carbon monoxide. Testing can be done by yourself because it is very easy to do.

It takes only several minutes to complete this job. So you don’t have to worry even though you have many carbon monoxides installed in your home. And even if you are new to this, you will be able to do without any difficulty.

How To Test Carbon Monoxide Detector

It is advisable that you make a simple record for testing carbon monoxide detector. This will remind you whenever its schedule arrives. Place it closely to each unit.

To know the details about how to test carbon monoxide detector you can find the guidance from its manual. To do this, just press test button that you can see at the front side of the unit.

The test button for each brand is slightly different. It is combined with silence  button for First Alert Product, combined with reset button for Kidde product. Please refer to the following images for examples.

Amazon Image Amazon Image Amazon Image

Amazon Image


After know how to test carbon monoxide detector, I want to remind you 2 things. First, do this regularly as recommended by the manual. Second, replace immediately if the unit does not work well after you test it.

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