How To Care For Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

By | November 19, 2017

how to care for carbon monoxide poisoning
Have you ever found someone with carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms? What did you do to save the victim? If you did nothing or not know what to do, you had better to keep reading this article.

This article is to provide an easy to follow procedure on how to care for carbon monoxide poisoning. This applies for all carbon monoxide poisoning cases, including carbon monoxide poisoning in car.

So, read carefully and make yourself understand the steps throughly.

How to Care for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

This first thing you need to know before learning these steps is understanding the carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms. You can read about it here.

Here are the ways how to care for carbon monoxide poisoning:

1. Bring the victim to fresh air as quickly as possible

  • Take the victim away from room or area with carbon monoxide.
  • If the victim is senseless or unconscious, inspect for injuries before moving.

2. Call 911 immediately

3. If the victim does not breath normally, start cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

4. Bring the victim to the hospital to get further treatment

The treatment that will be given at the hospital, will depend on severity of the carbon monoxide poisoning; mild or severe exposure.

The victim may get oxygen treatment. Taking blood sample may be required for determining carbon monoxide level in the blood and for knowing the clinical status of the victim.