Your Guide to the Nest Carbon Monoxide Detector with Wifi

By | December 14, 2017

Carbon Monoxide Detector with Wifi
A carbon monoxide detector with wifi sounds like a trendy, futuristic invention, but it could actually save lives. The Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm uses advanced technology to combine the basics you need for smoke and CO protection with a convenient modern alert system.

The basic function of the Nest is the same as any smoke and CO alarm: it uses sensors to detect smoke and invisible carbon monoxide in the air. However, it goes one step further.

As it is connected to wifi, the Nest is able to send messages to your phone detailing where in the home it has detected fumes or smoke. This function also works when you are outside of the home, so you will never come home to an emergency. Instead, you can simply call the fire department when you receive the alert and head home.

In addition to sending messages, the Nest will announce in a human voice that there is a smoke or carbon monoxide leak. It also announces the source of the leak, so you know the safest route out of the house. Instead of beeping and leaving you to guess what the danger is, the Nest makes it very clear what is wrong and what you have to do.

The Nest has a similar approach to issues that are not emergencies, but can be inconvenient. It runs a check on its own sensors and batteries every night, and sends a status update to your phone if the battery is low. You can also use the Nest Protect app to check on its status.

Having a carbon monoxide detector with wifi will not only make you feel safe and reassured, it will also make safety more convenient. Get online today and purchase a Nest Protect system; you won’t regret it.