First Alert SCO403 Alarm Combination Pack Reviews

By | December 16, 2017

first alert sco403 alarm combination pack review
This article is to provide First Alert SCO403 alarm combination pack review. First Alert SCO403 alarm combination pack contains two different alarms, namely carbon monoxide alarm and smoke alarm.

This product is currently sold at $27.97 or you get discount $23.02. I don’t know how long this low price will end. So, you had better to check it at now.

First Alert SCO403 Alarm Combination Pack provides protection for you and your family against carbon monoxide and fire. You don’t have to buy the two alarms separately.

Both alarms are battery-operated. Each requires a 9-V battery and the batteries are already included with those unit.

First Alert SCO403 Alarm Combination Pack Review

First Alert SCO403 alarm combination pack features are described below:

  1. The pack contains one carbon monoxide alarm and one smoke alarm
  2. Easy to install, no complex wiring involved
  3. Requires a 9-volt battery
  4. Continues running even in case of power outage
  5. The carbon monoxide alarm uses electrochemical sensor
  6. The smoke alarm uses ionization smoke sensing technology
  7. Easy to use test/silence button
  8. Low battery warning offers continuous monitoring against carbon monoxide and fire hazards
  9. Comes with unit end-life warning
  10. Releases 85 dB sound alarm when detecting carbon monoxide and smoke
  11. Having missing battery guard to ensure battery is installed
  12. Those units can be mounted on wall and ceiling
  13. This combination pack is suitable for home, mobile home and RV. This is another best carbon monoxide detector for car.