First Alert CO615 Reviews

Amazon ImageAn ideal carbon monoxide detector is be able to continue working even though there is power black out. This feature will ensure that the unit will still detect carbon monoxide and give full protection to your family safety. First Alert CO615 is a good example of such ideal carbon monoxide detector.

Main Product Features

1. User friendly

A user friendly tool is the main point to consider when you decide to buy. Easy to use becomes a main selling point of all electronic products including carbon monoxide detectorFirst Alert CO615 is very easy to install. Just plug in it on  any wall outlet in your home.

There is no complicated wiring or cable needs to be install by the user. No professional’s installation assistance is required.

2. Battery Back-up

Another major benefit of First Alert CO615 is battery back up. The unit will continue working even though there is problem with electrcity supply to your home. It will automatically be powered by 2 AA batteries when power is failure.

It will alarm you when low battery level is detected. You can replace battery at once.

3. Digital LED Display

First Alert CO615 shows current carbon monoxide concentration through a digital LED display. It is very easy to monitor with such display, clear read-out.

You can easily monitor whether carbon monoxide is continuously generated through the display and take quick action to save your family.

4. Loud Alarm

If you are far enough from your First Alert CO615, do not worry. It will alert you with a loud sound 85dB when it detects carbon monoxide in your home.

5. End Life Alert

When it reaches its end of life (lifespan), it will alert you with three chirps. So you can know when you should replace carbon monoxide detector without waiting its faulty to function. That what’s make First Alerts CO615 very special, a life safer tool.

6. Easy to Test

It is very important to ensure that carbon monoxide detector is working and functioning all the time. First Alert CO615 has a self-checking system that enables it to be tested easily. Just press its test button to do this. There is no complicated calibration procedure needs to be done .

7. Warranty

First Alert CO615 comes with 7 years limited warranty. This ensures customers feel safe when they purchase this unit.

Customer Reviews

plug in carbon monoxide detector
Most of customers had no bad experiences with First Alert CO615 installation. They said that the unit is very easy to install.

And most of customers said that this unit performed well and saved their lives. You should be enough confident to buy this product. 4 stars customer rating received by this product shows how good the quality of this product.

However, several customers have some comments about this product. They saw that the design of this carbon monoxide detector First Alert CO615 looks old, classic design. Besides, they also found First Alert CO615 manual book not so clear, slightly hard to read. The print out is not so good.

You can view other customer reviews here.

Where Can You Buy the Product?

First Alert CO615 is sold through on-line store including Currently, you can buy it from for only $31.49, which is discounted from the list price $59.99. You can save more than $28 per piece. And the good news is that also provides free shipping for this product. Just click here to get more info about First Alert CO615.

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