CMD-4MR-RLY The Carbon Monoxide Detector for Boats

By | November 28, 2017

carbon monoxide detector for boats
Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, colorless and odorless poisonous gas that is lethal at some levels. Leakages of this gas from the boat’s generator can be detected even when in small amounts and this greatly ensures the safety of the users.

The CMD-4MR-RLY for boats is the most recent detector that is able to stop the leakage causing air poisoning immediately carbon monoxide is detected. It is able to shut down the generator, the common source of the gas.


  • This detector has a series of 6 detectors that are linked together. If one detector alarms, all the others alarm. Since they are located at different positions in the boat, they are able to alert people in the whole boat about the danger so that they can take the required safety measures.
  • The sensor that is used samples the air periodically and shows the level of carbon monoxide present, if there is a leakage. It has a LED light that warns inhabitants of low levels of CO and then a loud alarm sounds if the level of the CO detected is dangerous.
  • The memory of the detector is a great feature that records the last CO level that was sensed if no one was there to hear the alarm when there was a leakage.
  • It has a testing button that allows for testing and resetting the specific aspects of the sensor, sounder and electronics. Initial testing and calibration is usually done at the factory to ensure that the product has a small or no probability of being faulty.


  • It draws little current from the power supply
  • It has been recommended for marine use
  • It is easy to fix and also easily portable because of it light weight
  • The sensor is not affected by solvents used during cleaning
  • It is efficient and very simple to use
  • The generous warranty offered by reputable online sellers proves that it has been manufactured with great confidence.


No reviews have indicated that this product is faulty and thus it is believed to offer satisfactorily good safety services.

Details of how to fix and maintain are provided in the manual that is packaged together with the detector.