Choose the First Alert CO615 Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm with Battery Backup and Digital Display for great CO Detection Accuracy

Amazon ImageHome safety is paramount to your general wellbeing and due to the occurrence of deaths caused by inhalation of Carbon Monoxide all over the world, it is important to protect yourself from this.

If Carbon Monoxide does not kill you, it will most probably leave you with a condition that will make your life difficult. For this reason, at least 30 states in the United States of America have a law that makes it a must to have a Carbon Monoxide detector within your premises.

Looking to purchase one of these CO detectors? Then you are at the right place. The First Alert CO615 CO Alarm with Battery Backup and Digital Display is a great choice for you. This CO alarm that comes with a $30.21 price tag and 7 years warranty is surely a useful investment for you. Below are what it has to offer.

1. Dimensions: 2.7 by 6.6 by 10 Inches.
2. Weight: 12.8 Ounces.
3. Test/silence button for silencing unnecessary alarms and test the unit’s functionality.
4. Digital display indication levels of CO and also battery level.

Notable features.
1. Battery back-up composed of 2 AA batteries in case of power outages.
2. Features electrochemical sensor technology for accurate CO detection.
3. It features a digital display indicating levels of CO present in the air and the level of battery power present.
4. The test/silence function used to silence unnecessary alarms and also test the functionality of the unit.

1. The First Alert CO615 CO Alarm is a plug-in alarm which has a battery backup. This makes it effective during power outages thus your safety doesn’t entirely depend on the presence of electricity. 2 AA batteries are also included in the unit’s package.
2. The CO detector uses electrochemical technology, the most accurate CO sensor technology, to detect presence of this gas within the air. You may be wondering why carbon monoxide alarm goes off immediately the CO threat appears. Well, thanks to this technology, your safety is guaranteed.
3. Its digital LED display plays the role of a visual aid in this CO detector. It is easy to read and displays 4 levels of the CO concentration within the atmosphere, the CO levels in ppm and also a battery icon which indicates the level of battery power remaining within its cells. This comes in handy whenever its alarm sounds unnecessarily and also in letting you know when the batteries need replacement.
Amazon Image4. It features a Test/Silence button that tests the CO detection unit’s functionality and also silences unnecessary alarms such the battery low alarm. This also helps you to ensure that the detector is in good working condition before mounting it on a wall.
5. It is simple to use and install as it doesn’t come with too many buttons that are too complex to understand and only requires plugging into a power socket. It also comes with a user manual that will guide you on its operation.
6. This CO detector features a Peak level button that shows the highest level of CO detected in the last 24 hours which is very important in monitoring of CO levels and determination of potential causes.
7. This unit features a loud alarm sounding at 85 Decibels. If you hush it using the silence button and the high CO levels persist, there is another loud alarm to notify you of the presence of high levels of CO.
8. There is an indicator to signal low battery and also when any of its batteries has been removed. There is also an end-of-life alarm that indicates when the unit has to be replaced which is a three chirps alert.
9. 7 years warranty. This not only proves the durability of this CO detector but also shows the amount of trust the manufacturers have in their product.

1. The Peak level is deleted after 24 hours making it difficult to access the highest levels of CO within a longer period of time. You need to check it daily for better comparison.
2. At night, the detector’s LCD display glows filling up the room with light. The light would have been adjustable to make it better at night.

Looking at the above properties, this CO detector carries an underestimated price tag. This is a great investment for anyone concerned about safety. Whenever you start wondering why Carbon Monoxide alarm goes off, you have the digital LED display to check thus reducing confusion. This is one great CO detector you shouldn’t leave for anything else.