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Universal Carbon Monoxide And Natural Gas Detector Review

This article is written for providing Universal carbon monoxide and natural gas detector review. Universal is alternative brand of carbon monoxide detector besides First Alert and Kidde. There is one advantage of Universal carbon monoxide detector that you cannot find it in First Alert and Kidde brands. What’s that? It gives you dual protection against… Read More »

What Kind of Battery For Carbon Monoxide Detector?

What kind of battery for carbon monoxide detector? Each carbon monoxide detector may require different battery type as well as its quantity. To know what kind of battery used for a carbon monoxide detector, just refer to the manual. You will find the type and quantity required. To help you know what kind of battery… Read More »

How to Change Battery in Carbon Monoxide Detector

In general, carbon monoxide detector can be divided into two different power sources, battery and AC. In some carbon monoxide detector brands, battery is used as back up power when AC power is failed. However, knowing how to change battery in carbon monoxide detector is very important for the owners. Actually, changing battery in carbon… Read More »