Carbon Monoxide Hazard Symbol

By | December 5, 2017

carbon monoxide hazard symbol
In industrial field, it is very common to use carbon monoxide hazard symbol as a safety communication tool. When you find that symbol, always be careful and follow all the directions are given to you.

For home purpose, carbon monoxide hazard symbol usage is neither common nor regulated. So, you don’t have to install that symbol in your home.

This article is written in order to give you warning about the hazard of carbon monoxide outside your home. It is to notice you that that gas is not only in your home, but it may also danger people at any place.

So, always be careful when you near an area with carbon monoxide hazard symbol installed. It is better if you go away from such area or building or whatever it is.

The following are common carbon monoxide hazard symbols used in industrial field.











Carbon Monoxide flammable range

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