Carbon Monoxide Detector Went Off – What To Do

Amazon ImageWhen you found your carbon monoxide detector went off, immediately took actions as I describe when you find carbon monoxide detector beeping. Whenever you find this it means that the detector detected carbon monoxide gas at that time.

In other words, your carbon monoxide detector was activated by the existence of carbon monoxide gas. The gas was generated somewhere in your home. You have to make sure the source after everything is under control.

Then, what did you have to do when carbon monoxide detector went off?

I will highlight what you had to do when your carbon monoxide detector went off:

  1. Press the test/silence button
  2. Call 911 or fire department
  3. Move to fresh air and open the doors and windows
  4. Do head count
  5. Stay at the fresh air till responders come

Please never ignore when your carbon monoxide detector goes off. It alarms you for a danger from carbon monoxide poisoning exists in your home.

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