Carbon Monoxide Detector With Probe – CEM GD3300

By | December 5, 2017

carbon monoxide detector with probe
A carbon monoxide detector with probe gives choice to detect carbon monoxide directly from the source. Its probe can reach difficult to reach location.

CEM GD-3300 is a carbon monoxide detector with probe. Besides, CEM GD-3300 can detect carbon monoxide, it is also able to detect natural gas, methane, butane, ammonia, acetone, steam, gasoline, jet fuel, industrial solvent, naphtha, hydrogen sulfide and other combustible gases.

With response time only 2 seconds, CEM GD-3300 is a hand held carbon monoxide detector that offers a very quick measurement.

CEM GD-3300 is suitable for home, office and industrial uses.

Main Features of CEM GD-3300 – Carbon Monoxide With Probe

  • Comes with probe
  • Requires only 60 seconds to warm up
  • Response time 2 seconds
  • Battery powered, 3 C-type batteries
  • Warning light flashing when detecting carbon monoxide or other gases
  • Light weight (271 grams)
  • Operating temperature 0-50 degree C
  • Operating humidity 10%-90% RH