Carbon Monoxide Detector Location – Top 10 Tips

carbon monoxide detector location
Understanding the right information for carbon monoxide detector location is absolutely important. You must know this information before you install any type of carbon monoxide detector or alarm in your home. And the best source of this information can be obtained from the user’s manual.

You have to read and understand the user manual. But, if you have no time I will help you through this article. So please continue reading this article to know well about carbon monoxide detector location, where you should install it in your home.

Placing the detector at the right location will ensure that it will warn you at the right time and you will have enough time to take actions to save your family and yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Failed to install carbon monoxide detector at the right place makes it useless. It will not sound at the beginning when it detects carbon monoxide at the lowest level its sensor can detect nor it gives your enough time to take actions.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Location

According to The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommendation, carbon monoxide detector location should be centrally outside of each part sleeping area in the shortest vicinity of the bedrooms.

  1. In addition, to give additional protection against CO hazards, it is also recommended to install carbon monoxide detector in each bedroom and on every stage of your home.
  2. Two detectors are also required to be installed at both ends of bedroom hallway, if it is longer than 12 meters or 40 feet. Please see the picture below to understand how to determine the right carbon monoxide detector location in your home.
  3. Install one detector for additional protection at least 6 meters or 20 feet away from the fuel burning heat source or furnace.
  4. The detector should be installed at least 3 meters of 10 feet from a bath, shower, humidifier, sauna, dish washer, vaporizer, utility room, laundry room or other high humidity sources.
  5. The temperature of carbon monoxide detector location should be between 4 to 38oC or 40 to 100 F.
  6. Do not install it in kitchen, garage, furnace room, extremely dusty, dirty or grease rooms or areas.
  7. Do not place it direct to sunlight.
  8. Install it more than 1.5 meter or 5 feet from any cooking appliance or apparatus.
  9. Do not place the detector where it is covered by any obstruction.
  10. Do not place the detector in a location with turbulent air where carbon monoxide is prevented from being detected by its sensor. Such locations like near ceiling fans, air conditioner, heat vent, fresh air return and open window.

Always bear in mind that carbon monoxide detector mentioned in this article is for home use only not for industrial uses.


You should understand the right carbon monoxide detector location before installing it in your home. The right carbon monoxide detector location will ensure that it will give maximum protection against carbon monoxide hazard.

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