Carbon Monoxide Detector for Bathroom

Amazon ImageThere is a chance thatĀ carbon monoxide will poison you or one of your family members during taking a bath. Water heater is the primary source of carbon monoxide in this room. However, carbon monoxide could also be able to infiltrate into bathroom from another room in your home.

That’s why it is highly recommended installing a carbon monoxide detector for bathroom. This unit will alert you even though you sing a song while you are taking a bath.

Ideal Carbon Monoxide Detector for Bathroom

You need to consider several things before deciding to purchase carbon monoxide detector for bathroom.

In a bathroom, all electronic devices you install should water resists or waterproof type. Direct water splash or water vapor exposure could damage carbon monoxide detector, especially its sensor and electric parts. This will happen mostly in a small bathroom.

There is no need to be a waterproof type when you have large enough bathroom.

Related to the water splash or water vapor exposure, it will be safer for you to choose carbon monoxide detector for bathroom with battery power only. No AC power feature since this will likely be having electric short problem.

If you install carbon monoxide at outside of the bathroom, so the feature is same with carbon monoxide detector for home. Just click here to see the required features of home carbon monoxide detector.

2 Great Options for Carbon Monoxide Detector for Bathroom

I have picked 2 carbon monoxide detectors for bathroom that I think they are good choices. Please look at the table below to their feature.

TitleLongsin 30-999ppm Standalone Carbon Monoxide Detector for Home Kitchen Bathroom AlarmLongsin Kitchen Bathroom Standalone CO Detector Alarm LED Indication
FeatureLoud 85 decibel alarm
Permanent carbon monoxide sensor (NEMOTO)
Powered by 9V battery 6F22
Red Yellow Green LED shows different condition
100% brand new & high quality.
Dimension: 140X140X41mm
Sensor: compound photoelectric and electrochemical CO sensor
LED indication
Operating voltage: DC9V(6F22 battery)
100% brand new & high quality.
Height5.51 inch5.51 inch
Weight0.56 pound0.56 pound
Width1.61 inch1.61 inch
Length5.51 inch5.51 inch
Rating0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
LinkMore InfoMore Info

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Where to go Now?

When it come to choose best carbon monoxide detector for bathroom, consider the factors that I explained above.

We pickĀ Longsin 30-999ppm Standalone Carbon Monoxide Detector for Bathroom as our choice.

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