Carbon Monoxide Detector First Alert CO605 Review

first alert co605 reviews
If you plan to buy a cheaper and simple carbon monoxide detector but powerful, you are recommended to consider First Alert CO605First Alert CO605 is a plug in carbon monoxide detector with battery back. Please continue reading my First Alert CO605 review to learn more about this unit.

Okay let’s get started with this First Alert CO605 review. First of all, we will see the main features of First Alert CO605.

And then after we talk about its features, I will show you the pros and cons of carbon monoxide detector First Alert CO605.

Main Features of First Alert CO605

Amazon ImageFirst Alert CO605 has many good features that make it as one of the best carbon monoxide detector in the market. Here are the main features of First Alert CO605:

  • It is very easy to install. Just plug it in to power outlet in your home.
  • It has battery back up. This ensures continuous monitoring against the hazards of carbon monoxide.
  • Using accurate carbon monoxide detecting technology, i.e. electrochemical sensor.
  • First Alert CO605 comes with automatic low battery warning. This helps you take quick action.
  • It has end-life alarm. You will be notified ahead when your carbon monoxide detector needs to be replaced.
  • It is very easy to test the unit with “Test/Silence” button at the front of the unit.

Pros of First Alert CO605

What I like from this product is it is very easy to install and do not necessary to deal with complex wiring. Besides, this unit has two power sources: AC and battery. This makes the unit running continuously without rest.

Cons of First Alert CO605

Honestly, I don’t like the design. It looks very classic, old style. In addition, the battery back up is at the front side. We need to replace it from the front side. I don’t know why they designed it like this. It is very uncommon.

I have written First Alert CO605 reviews for you. If you need more information about this product, I suggest you to read customer experiences using this product. Just click here to read customers’ experiences.

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