Carbon Monoxide Detector for Baby Room

By | November 24, 2017

carbon monoxide detector for baby room
When carbon monoxide gas enters baby’s room that’s a big problem. It is because babies have lower durability to this poison gas compared with adults and they will not understand what to do even though carbon monoxide inside their rooms beeping.

So, that’s why we need First Alert BRK SC9120B carbon monoxide detector.  First Alert BRK SC9120B is a perfect carbon monoxide detector for baby room.

First Alert BRK SC9120B will not only alert you when you are in your baby’s room. But, it can also send this alarm to any room that is linked  to integrated security system in your home. So, even though you and your baby stay in different rooms, that’s no problem. As long as you have installed carbon monoxide in the room where you are, you can hear that alarm.

First Alert BRK SC9120B is inter-connectable with BRK and First Alert hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If one unit in the security system triggers an alarm, all carbon monoxide detectors in the series will sound. That’s why First Alert BRK SC9120B is best carbon monoxide detector for baby room.

That’s is not the only advantage of First Alert BRK SC9120B. The complete features of it are described below.

Main Features of First Alert BRK SC9120B -The Perfect Carbon Monoxide Detector for Baby Room

  • It is a dual detector, carbon monoxide and smoke detector in a unit.
  • Has separate carbon monoxide and smoke alarm indicator
  • Easy to install
  • Simple test and silence buttons
  • Self-test internal test of functionality
  • With battery back up (9 volt battery)
  • 120-volt AC inter-connectable with 18 (maximum) compatible devices including smoke detector, repeater, horn, bells and door closer.
  • Comes with low battery warning
  • 7 years limited warranty

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