Best Tips For Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement

carbon monoxide detector placement
Throughout the developed world, carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental poisoning. This means that proper care should be taken to ensure that carbon monoxide detector placement is always done in the most appropriate locations within your home.

The following are the most appropriate places for locating your carbon monoxide detectors in your home:

Every level of your home

Place your carbon monoxide detector in every floor of your home including the basements and in all attics that are used.

The reason behind this is because dangerous accumulation of carbon monoxide will usually be trapped within a single level within your home, such as the basement.

Near bedrooms

Carbon monoxide detectors are meant to wake you up in case of trouble. This implies that the best places to place them is near bedrooms.

You should have them at least 15 feet of each bedroom door. Where you have two bedrooms having doors 30 ft apart or even less, have one placed at the middle. If the bedrooms are more than 30 ft apart, have a carbon monoxide detector in each room.

Homes with attached garages

Amazon ImageIf your garage is enclosed and is attached to your home, carbon monoxide detector placement needs to be done very carefully. It should be placed within 10 ft of the internal door to the garage. The reason for this is that dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can quickly build up inside the home if a car is left inside the garage with its engine running. A detector should also be placed in any room that may be directly situated above the garage.

Right height 

You need to ensure that carbon monoxide detector placement is done correctly especially when it comes to height. The best suggestion is to have them mounted on your walls a few feet below the height of the ceilings.

Places to avoid

To avoid incidences of false positive readings , you should place the detectors at a distance of about 15 ft away from all fossil fuel burning appliances including:

-Gas cookers,

-heating furnace,

-Fire place.

Since carbon monoxide detectors are designed to work within a certain range of humidity and temperature , you should avoid such places as :


-Places with direct sunlight,

-Close to any appliance that generates heat.

Other places to avoid include:

-Where children can easily reach them.

-Open windows or other places where there is a possibility of strong draft,

-Behind curtains or other structures that can stop carbon monoxide from reaching the sensor.

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