Bacharach 0019-7060 Snifit 50 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer Reviews

By | December 3, 2017

Bacharach 0019-7060 Snifit 50 carbon monoxide analyzer review
If you need a carbon monoxide detector that is capable to detect low ppm of carbon monoxide gas, then you need to look at this carbon monoxide detector, Bacharach 0019-7060 Snifit 50.

Bacharach 0019-7060 Snifit 50 is a carbon monoxide analyzer that has capability to detect carbon monoxide as low as 1 ppm. It comes with digital display, which makes it is easy to see.

Even though this carbon monoxide analyzer is only powered by battery, but don’t worry. It will alert you with low battery indicator.

Below here are complete features of Bacharach 0019-7060 Snifit 50 carbon monoxide analyzer.

Features of Bacharach 0019-7060 Snifit 50 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

  • Able to detect carbon monoxide in the range of 0 to 1,999 ppm
  • Measuring resolution 1 ppm
  • Low battery indicator
  • Comes with LCD display
  • Easy to read carbon monoxide level
  • Can be used in any situation including during power black out since this comes with back-light
  • Lightweight, only 8 ounches
  • Easy to carry. Dimension: Height x Length x Width 5.5×1.57×2 inch
  • Comes with three simple button operations: ON-OFF-Backlight
  • Durable

Bacharach 0019-7060 Snifit 50 carbon monoxide analyzer can be used for many purposes including home inspection, technician, office inspection and so on.