5 Common Mistakes People Made with Carbon Monoxide Detector

carbon monoxide detector problem
It is a big mistake if you think that by installing carbon monoxide detector your family is already safe from carbon monoxide hazards.

Most of us think that our jobs has already finished after installing the detector. That’s not true. We have to make sure that it is working and functioning.

There are 5 common mistakes that are made by people with carbon monoxide detector. I hope you could avoid doing the same mistakes to make sure your family safety.

5 Common Mistakes People Made with Carbon Monoxide Detector

  1. People never test carbon monoxide detector for checking the battery’s life or detector’s life.
  2. Do not have any record about detector installation starting date. This is very important to know detector end life.
  3. Do not follow the manual about proper placing carbon monoxide detector.
  4. Do not install new detector when adding new room in the home.
  5. Do not educate about carbon monoxide detector to the family


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